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    Self Care for Carers is the leading organisation in healthcare-specific stress management training and support. Since 2012, we have provided resilience & relaxation support to doctors, nurses, HCAs, administration, allied care professionals & homecare teams.

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    Join our community for healthcare professionals Anam Korja for support as we all navigate this challenging time. Take part in our weekly zoom support chats and meditations, monthly guest speakers, monthly reflective practice sessions, FREE online courses taught live in compassion fatigue, self care and more.


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    Peace in your pocket

      With full access videos include:

      Heads Up 7 - Neck and Shoulder Melt

      Dealing with Crisis & Overwhelm

      Immunity Energy Lift

      Rolling with Uncertainty

      EFT - Tapping for Relaxation

      Healthy Boundaries

      Using my Body's Relax Buttons

      ....and many more

      Audios include:

      Leaving Work at Work

      Self Compassion for Caregivers

      Soothing Body Scan

      Returning to the Calm Zone

      Breathing in Peace

      Well on the Road - for Home visit Carers & Nurses

      Self Nurture at Time of Crisis

      ....and many more


      Plus live events, new videos, audios and content updates

        We are trusted by leading hospitals and healthcare organisations including:

        Our clients include: Crumlin Children's Hospital, Cork University Hospital, Healthy Ireland, The Alzheimer Society, Applewood Homecare, Our Ladys Hospice & Care Services, HSE HR Directorate, Mowlam Healthcare, Mater Private, CHI, Bons Secours etc.

        We know that working as a caregiver can be challenging but at no time is this truer than during the Covid 19 crisis. Since 2012, we have worked exclusively in healthcare and have built up deep experience about what works best, and most quickly to reduce stress.  Doctors, nurses, HCA's, managers, support workers, homecare teams and allied care professionals, consultants, admin staff etc have attended training. Over 95% of trainees 'would recommend it to their colleagues'.

        Here you will find empirically researched relaxation techniques used by thousands of healthcare workers. Some are so effective that they are used in the treatment of PSTD.  We want to empower staff to feel more in control of their stress levels and have quick to access information at their fingertips when they need it most .

        Help us to help your team.

        Karen Brennan MSc., BSc., Cap Tut., C.M.P., Dip Ind.

        (L toR) Karen Brennan, Self Care for Carers pictured with Dr. Michael Kearney - Consultant Palliative Medicine, Dr. Ursula Bates - Mindfulness. Fellow contributors to the Self Care and Self Compassion Conference

        Flowing together - gentle Tai Chi session with  a multidisciplinary hospice team


        "It was great to have Self Care for Carers there if I needed anything." Homecare Staff

        "I feel more well in myself, I suffer with migraines and over the past 2 weeks I have not had to take my painkillers for me that is amazing because I live on them while in work. I have loved the relaxation techniques I learned, and can use the quick ones when I feel triggered in work, have loved everything about this series. Nursing Home Supervisor


        "It was very quick, after I started videos, when I have realised that it's easy for me to look after and comfort others but I am not able to comfort and look after myself.  I learned to self care here. Elder Care Staff Member

        “Reflection on psychological signs and symptoms, I need to stop “zoning out, enjoyed every moment”

        Nurse Manager, Dublin

        “The simple tricks and tips to relieve stress which I can use anytime”

        Doctor, Tullamore

        "I was surprised how calm I felt after the exercises, I realise how much stress I must be carrying around with me, I really needed this"

        Home Care Staff, Co. Meath

        “The importance of making “me” time”

        Staff Nurse, Limerick

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