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Self Care for Carers is Ireland’s leading training organisation helping caregivers to stay well in their life and work. Compassion Fatigue is very common in caregiving roles. We teach you how to thrive in your own life as you give your best to those you are care for.

We work with staff in a variety of social and healthcare areas such as ED, oncology, palliative care, elder care, addiction, social work, occupational therapy etc. We specialise in training staff in body wellness practices which lower anxiety and arousal symptoms which can be characteristic of secondary stress. Our programmes have been proven to reduce sick leave in some teams.

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Self Care for Carers training gives caregivers the tools and competencies to manage their own self care with greater effectiveness. The relaxation techniques taught in our workshops and sessions are proven techniques for stress management and are highly effective in lowering stress levels. When used in group setting they provide very useful team building opportunities.

We train staff in developing greater self awareness so that you can spot stress triggers before it becomes problematic. Many health and social care staff may be experiencing symptoms of compassion fatigue or burnout which are very treatable and easily managed. Our programmes are approved for 5.5 CEUs with NMBI.

Our services include:

  • 1 and 2 day training workshops in Compassion Fatigue and Resiliency
  • Weekend residential retreats
  • Workplace programmes
  • Organisational consultancy
  • Sessions with private clients

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“This training was exactly what I needed at the moment. I feel much clearer on how the work I do affects me, and how to help myself to work better”

Claire, Art Therapist, Dementia Care

 “I feel that I now have the tools to move forwards and be more effective and present with my patients”

Elaine, Community Nurse

Why not encourage ‘Mindful Hand Hygiene at your workplace. Boost hand hygiene and while promoting stress management.