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Self Care for Carers is Ireland’s leading training organisation responding to the challenges of providing healthy caregiving strategies for staff in social and healthcare settings.

It is founded on an awareness of the impact of stress as well as satisfaction which accompanies working in caring roles. We provide best practice in healthy caregiving training to individuals and organisations working in the caring fields, incl. dementia care, gerontology, family practice, oncology, nursing, psychotherapy, social work, palliative care etc. Our training gives caregivers the tools and competencies to manage their own self-care with greater effectiveness.

“Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow”


Self Care for Carers was founded by Karen Brennan who began her career in mental health after gaining a BSc. in Social Psychology and subsequent MSc.  As well as compassion fatigue, her professional areas of expertise include dementia and pre-dementia care, as well as acute anxiety disorders. Karen moved to Asia for three years, during which, she spent time in Buddhist monastic practice. For over 10 years, Karen has been integrating meditation and stress relief programmes into her life and work. She is trained in Compassion Fatigue education and also works from a portfolio of energy practices which enable healing to restore balance and wellness. Along with her colleagues at Self Care for Carers she trains groups and individuals to thrive in caring roles with less stress, more joy and ever deepening compassion.

“I’ve become convinced on the critical importance of ‘committed’ self-care for those who work in professional caring roles. The responsibility to care for oneself is paramount in order to be truly effective and present to others over time. Learning how to prioritise one’s own self-care can and does bring new life, light, joy and satisfaction to those who spend their time caring for others.”

Self Care for Carers is engaged in researching the effects of caregiver stress and providing solutions to the training needs of individuals and organisations. As part of our commitment to developing and enabling best practice, our training courses contribute to research programmes in healthy caregiving internationally.

For more information email karen@selfcareforcarers.ie, call (087) 2248181 or send us a message.




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