Caregivers stress and burnout increases absenteeism, turnover, mistakes and accidents and reduces caregivers performance

Supported and valued caregivers provide better care with improved patient outcomes

Support your staff and boost performance through our unique online wellbeing programmes

Self Care BoostCamp for Caregivers

is a stress management and wellbeing online programme for your home services teams with daily content, support and a vibrant community atmosphere to feel connected, relaxed and happy

Our programmes deliver directly to your care teams smartphones:

  • Mini Miracle Videos & Audios

    2-3 minute wonders delivered fresh to their inbox daily

  • Weekly Group Calls

    Connection with other members and guidance on the wellbeing course materials

  • Private Facebook Group

    Access to the Private BoostCamp community for support, sharing and fun

  • Exclusive New Content

    Brand new content & goal setting to help staff move towards greater compassion satisfaction

  • Proven Relaxation Techniques

    Your team will learn simple and highly effective stress reduction practices to do anytime in their car, at home, wherever

  • Bespoke Guided Meditations

    Guided meditations to rebalance and encourage deeper compassion and relaxation

  • Self Care Workbook

    Staff can stay track and embed great self care habits with a workbook and self care planning tools

  • Keep Going...

    Includes additional materials to keep staff on track and continue ongoing great self care as their ‘new normal’

Please note that BoostCamp numbers are small to ensure a highly personalised and enriching experience for each person.

Staff learn new ways to switch off from work and thus replenish and restore their wellbeing

Sooth the body and mind with deeply relaxing techniques available 24/7

Boost energy levels to feel more empowered

Understand boundaries, emotions and triggers more clearly

Use relaxation practices at night to get higher quality rest

Workbook for self care planning and managing progress

Learn to be kinder to themselves and thus to patients

Focus on self care as a necessity when providing high quality care to others

Feel less socially isolated and a valued member of a vibrant and positive community

Staff feedback and monitoring and reporting are key services we provide our clients.  Standardised tools such as the ProQol Professional Quality of Life Scale for Caregivers are used to measure and evaluate improvements of wellbeing over time.

Self Care for Carers programmes are run by  Tallaght Hospital, HSE HR Directorate, The Mater Private, Applewood Home Care, Our Lady's Hospice and Care Services, The Alzheimer Society, UL Hospitals etc.

HSE HR Excellence Awards 2017 Nominee

Better Together

Caregiving can feel isolating. Self Care for Carers online programmes decreases the sense of isolation many home services staff experience whilst caring for others. Each group focuses on helping & supporting each member to practice self care which leads greater individual wellbeing and better patient outcomes.

Meet the Team

Karen Brennan

Founder & Corporate Affairs


 Ernestine Duffy

IT & Social Media


We have worked with thousands of caregivers to help reduce their daily stress levels & focus on great care.

Research shows that caregivers who are encouraged to practice committed, responsive self care feel more empowered are more engaged and experience higher job satisfaction.

This approach to staff care reduces sick leave, lowers turnover, reduces conflicts as well as  mistakes and accidents.

As well as being very rewarding caregiving can be challenging and hours long. My goal is to help your caregivers feel less stressed, switch off from work, get better quality rest and prioritise their own selfcare so as to provide better care for others.

We're here to help your helpers,

Karen Brennan MSc., BSc., Cap Tut., C.M.P., Dip Ind.

(L toR) Karen Brennan pictured with Dr. Michael Kearney - Consultant Palliative Medicine, Dr. Ursula Bates - Mindfulness. Fellow contributors to the Self Care and Self Compassion Conference, Dublin, April 2017

Karen Brennan speaking at HSE National HR Communications Event 2017

Self Care for Carers training with the Non-Consultant Hospital Doctors Group in relaxation & building resilience. Dr Steevens' Hospital


"It was great to have Karen there if I needed anything and also to know she cared." Homecare Staff

"I feel more well in myself, I suffer with migraines and over the past 2 weeks I have not had to take my painkillers for me that is amazing because I live on them while in work. I have loved the relaxation techniques I learned, and can use the quick ones when I feel triggered in work, have loved everything about this Boostcamp". Supervising Manager


"It was very quick, after I started the 21 day BoostCamp, when I have realised that it's easy for me to look after and comfort others but I am not able to comfort and look after myself. OK! I good in putting "the mask" but I was looking after the "outer-case" forgetting about my own soul, my real self, my mind. I have learned how to look after myself. With all the help I received from Karen and all the kindness from her and the group I wouldn't be able to think this way I do today. Thank you"  Elder Care Staff Member

“Reflection on psychological signs and symptoms, I need to stop “zoning out, enjoyed every moment”

Nurse Manager, Dublin

“The simple tricks and tips to relieve stress which I can use anytime”

Doctor, Tullamore

"I was surprised how calm I felt after the exercises, I realise how much stress I must be carrying around with me, I really needed this"

Home Care Staff, Co. Meath

“The importance of making “me” time”

Staff Nurse, Limerick

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