How My Needs Are Changing

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When we look back on different periods of our lives, we can clearly see how we change. However, our ability to see our unfolding as a smooth ongoing process is quite remarkable. We are constantly changing.  Our priorities were very different at different times in our lives, what we believe to be true about ourselves and the world and what our needs are.

To generate a greater levels of self awareness of how your needs may have changed at different stages of your life have a read through the following.  Often just bringing some things into our conscious awareness can be helpful.

Sleep Patterns Changes

Do you find that you need more or less sleep than you used to 10 years ago?

Some people can take a nap during the day? Can you? If so, is there a time you could fit that in?

Do your energy levels tend to lag at certain times of the working day?

What time (s) usually?

What could you do to counter act this?



How have your nurtritional needs changed over the past number of years?

Have you become more conscious about eating well?

What could you cut back on to make a positive change? Even just one small change to feel better.



How have your drinking habits changed over the years?

How many drinks would you have during a typical week? Weekend?

Are you happy with this level?



How has your level of general fitness changed over the past number of years? Less of a priority? More of a priority?

What would help you to feel ‘a little fitter’ ? for example a 20 min walk 3 times a week



Your own thoughts; Finish these sentences for yourself

Lately, I’ve been feeling that I would benefit from more………….


In order to bring more stress relief to myself during my life I think I would like to………………..

Once a month, I would like a few hours to myself to………………


Media Consumption

Our media use and consumption has changed dramatically over the past number of years.  It has tended to creep up on many of us. The desire to stay up to date with what is going on has increased with the proliferation of rolling news, always on internet access though smart phones etc.  Research in the States has shown that watching rolling news can increase anxiety amongst some people.  Do we need to assess our media consumption?


I watch TV when, where, duration ?


How do I feel about this?


How often do I watch/ read/ listen to the news daily?


How often do I need to watch/ read/ listen the news daily?


How much time do I spend online daily?


On what device? PC, tablet, phone?


Where do I spend this? (public transport, work,  pc, sofa, home office, bed)?

How do I feel about this?



Any thought comment are always welcome….. many thanks