While you're busy looking after everyone else,                                                  who is looking after YOU?

Do you often feel sleepless, anxious, down or feel like you're always taking work home with you?

Karen Brennan and Self Care for Carers is here to help.

Listen to this POWERFUL audio especially created for caregivers to help you breathe, relax and feel back to normal again.

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      "It's been so good to see that other people feel the same as me and I now have tools to cope, I loved the course, thank you"

      Homecare Assistant , Homecare, Cork

      "I really loved relaxation techniques and the theory behind compassion fatigue and burnout”

      Staff Nurse, Midlands Regional Hospital

      Leicester University Medical Faculty Mindfulness Programme is supported by Self Care for Carers initiatives.

      University Of Leicester, School of Medicine

      "It was very quick for me, after I started the programme when I realised that it's easy for me to look after and comfort others but I'm not able to look after myself. O.K. I'm good at putting on the mask but I was looking after the 'outer-case' forgetting about my own soul, my real self, my mind. I have learned how to look after myself. With all the help I received from Karen and all the kindness from here and the group, I wouldn't be bale to think the way I do today. Thank you"

      HCA Elder Care, Kildare

      I realised the importance of self care beliefs that had stopped over the years now I feel like I am able to look after myself too.

      Palliative Care Nurse, Hospice, Dublin

      "I'm starting to feel like my old self again and more positive about the future".

      Family Carer, Co. Westmeath