Hand Hygiene Relaxation – 5 S’s

hand hygiene
We can get so caught up in the busyness of work that we can forget to stop and take a breath once and a while. Using cues in the environment can be really helpful to remind us to take breath and momentarily relax. Try Hand Hygiene moment – use it for yourself as an opportunity to take a moment for relaxation.
Practice the 5 S’s – Stand, Sense, Shoulders, Stomach and Self Aware
1. When you practice hand hygiene, STAND still become aware you are taking this moment to relax yourself as you are going about your day.
2. Breathe deeply as you SENSE the temperature of the gel or water on your skin. Close your eyes and savour this sensation on your hands.
3. Allow your SHOULDERS to drop as take a few deep breaths gently filling your abdomen  and then gently releasing, letting tension go.
4. Take a few more breaths down into your STOMACH and allow this feeling of relaxation to move down through you, like a gentle wave seeping into the floor and grounding you.
5. Notice how you are feeling – more centred, and grounded this greater SELF AWARENESS. This is mindfulness in action at work, supporting your own self care as you go about your tasks.
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