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Over 90% of people who have attended our training would “recommend or strongly recommend” our training to their colleagues working in caring roles.

Based on post workshop feedback questionnaires from our basic 1 day Understanding Compassion Fatigue and Building Resilience workshop.

“We have had no sick leave from any members of staff to date who attended this course”

Assistant Director of Nursing and CNM II – Addiction Services, HSE, Dublin Area.


The following comments were gleaned from from exit questionnaires completed by course participants. Comments relate to training carried out in 2014 with staff in Oncology, Addiction Services and Hospice Care.

“5 stars! This workshop is highly recommended especially for healthcare workers in Oncology wards”. 

Staff nurse

“A very productive training day, very relaxing and calming.”

HR Manager

” I want to practice this on the ward and preach the good news”

Clinical Nurse manager

” I recommend this training to non-medical staff too- admissions or bed managers.”



What did you like most about the course? Any thoughts or personal insights?

“I learned how I can cope better in different situations”

Staff Nurse

“The relaxation techniques and the theory behind compassion fatigue and burnout”

Staff Nurse

“The presenter was very relaxed and very inclusive of everyone”

Oncology Liaison Nurse


 What did you learn from the day?

“Tai Chi and energy work EFT and how to set boundaries for myself”

Assistant Director of Nursing

“To have more time for myself and to realise that I am important”


“More self awareness and how to better manage my boundaries”


 “This workshop was very well facilitated – felt very safe”

Complimentary Therapy Manager

“The [relaxation] techniques demonstrated were wonderful and the education and discussion”

Staff  Nurse

“I realised how stressed I am at work and how I can use techniques to overcome this”


“I realised the importance of self care beliefs and activities that have stopped over the years”

Palliative Care Nurse

“I had forgotten myself”


“It’s perfectly ok to take time to look after myself and my own wellbeing”

Staff Nurse

“For me laughing every day is important”

Staff Nurse

“Loved the relaxation exercises”

HR Assistant


Additional Comments

“I will be doing more to help myself, thank God, I really enjoyed my day”

Assistant Director of Nursing

“I want to continue with the meditation techniques they were very helpful”


“Many thanks for a truly wonderful day, it was exactly what I needed at the moment”

Staff Nurse

“It was a wonderful experience and far better than I expected”


“I really enjoyed the day – would like a longer course – the presenter and facilitators. I suggest that this should be part of mandatory training for all staff.


As the management team, this training has helped us in promoting self care to our nurses. It has given them the knowledge about compassion fatigue symptoms and intervention strategies to develop a personal plan of care so as to achieve a healthy work-life balance.  During this training we were taught new approaches to self care.

This course will certainly help nurses recognise compassion fatigue and developing their personal plan will allow our nurses to meet both their own needs and the needs of patients and families through an empathic relationship.”

Assistant Director of Nursing and CNMII – Addiction Services, HSE, Dublin Area.