Please find below selected helpful videos on various aspects of Compassion Fatigue, and also meditation, self compassion, healing and other topics which may be useful to you in your caring work. If you have any suggested videos please do let me know:

Kristen Neff’s excellent TED talk on Self Compassion v’s Self Esteem (19.02)

Dr. Judith Orloff is an Psychiatrist whom I really admire. She specialises in energy in her psychiatric practice and is very holistic. If you’re not familiar with her work, around energy and sensitivity, I urge you to check out her website.

In this video she talks about how to avoid absorbing the energy of others. Advice we all need at times.

Pema Chrodron (Deirdre Blomfield Brown) is an American Buddhist nun who writes beautifully about cultivating our own minds to live more comfortably with the troubles and problems life throws our way. If you’re not familiar with her, I recommend browsing some of her other videos on youtube or her many writings. She came to Buddhism following the stress of a second divorce. She is now a major international figure and a wonderful teacher.

If you have enough time for this, please indulge yourself. You deserve it.

Rick Hanson – Neuroplasticity: The Self Transforming Brain: Use your mind to change your brain. Rick Hanson is a wonderful writer and teacher and is spreading the good news about developments in Neuroplasticity show how our brains can rewire towards relaxation and happiness.

Boundaries and personal clarity are an area of caregiving which is worth giving some consideration to. Very often as caregivers we can overstretch ourselves due to a feeling within us that we must be of assistance without really considering what level of giving is appropriate, needed or indeed comfortable for us. Here is an interesting video from BBCorner on the difference between boundaries as a way of separating and boundaries through personal insight. If you don’t have time skip forward to 4.40 on the slider – (when she refers to ‘Venerable’ she is referring to her teacher)

Jon Kabit Zinn guided meditation (27.46)