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Self Care for Carers provides in house training to assist staff in hospices, hospitals, community settings, organisations etc. Our staff resiliency and wellness training is built on evidence-based research and involves mental skills building with relaxation and wellness practices. This combination has been found to assist in the development of resiliency and increase emotional wellbeing for healthcare staff.

Our 1 day workshop ‘Recognising Compassion Fatigue and Building Resiliency’ uses highly effective evidence-based approaches to symptoms of stress and fatigue associated with caregiving professions. Skills-building helps staff develop greater resiliency and effective stress management techniques for use  on-the-job. Highly practical in its  approach, this one day programme incorporates standardised measurement tools, also each participant creates their personal Self Care Plan. Workshops are highly person-centered and cater for maximum of 8-12 people.

happy nurseShorter in-house courses run from between 3 – 6 hour  sessions. Our programmes can be organised around rosters.

We also provide specific programmes according to requirements of each organisation.

Our services include:

  • Compassion Fatigue and Resiliency Presentations to staff and management
  • Communication Workshops
  • Management Coaching
  • Staff Surveys
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Staff Supports
  • Team Building
  • Individual Self Care Planning
  • Standards in Self Care Provision

Self Care for Carers also works with existing EAPs (Employee Assistance Programmes).  Efficacy of training can be monitored through pre and post workshop assessments. Self Care for Carers also provides 1-3-6 month follow up staff support sessions.

If you would like further information, please email: or call 087 2248181.